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  Welcome to Spring City Elementary Hybrid Learning School  
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Principal:  Mitchel Edmunds
Kathy Dwyer, Secretary

Office Hours:   8:00 AM- 4:00 PM
School Hours:  9:00 AM - 3:40 PM
Kindergarten:  AM - 9:00 AM to 11:40 PM
                     PM - 1:00 PM to 3:40 PM
School Closing Number:  308

Directions to our school

JUN 29 to JUL 2; 8am to 4pm Closed Friday
7AM TO 5PM M, T, W; 7AM TO 4:30PM TH

General Information

What time does school begin? 
 School Hours are 9:00 AM TO 3:40 PM. Between the hours of 7:30 AM and 8:35 AM. The staff may be involved in curriculum, grade level, committee, and child study team meetings as well as conferences with parents. There is no one to supervise children prior to 8:35 AM.

Morning Safety Precaution:
The circular driveway is used in the morning for parents who drive their children to school. One car at a time, and no double-parking. Please, do not attempt to pass on the left, as we will not permit children to scoot between cars. 

What do I do if my child is going to be absent?
USE THE ABSENTEE PHONE LINE: Be sure to call the Absentee Phone Line at 610-705-6004, select option #4 prior to 8:30 AM. Kindly leave your child’s name, teacher’s name, and the reason for absence. Parents will be contacted at home or work if a child is absent and a call has not been received by the school.
COMPLETE AN EXCUSE CARD: State law requires written excuse from the parent when a child is absent from school. Failure to provide a written excuse within three school days of return will cause the absence to be considered unexcused-unlawful. Excessive absenteeism and tardiness will be closely monitored.
How do I withdraw my child from school before 3:40 PM?
Parents wishing to remove a child before regular dismissal time must WRITE A NOTE to the homeroom teacher in advance. The note should include the time of pickup, the reason for the pickup, and who will be picking up the child. REPORT TO THE OFFICE TO SIGN YOUR CHILD OUT. You are strongly urged not to remove children from school unless absolutely necessary. Routine medical and dental check-ups can usually be scheduled far enough in advance to secure an appointment after the end of the school day. If not, please make the appointment for as late in the day as possible. 

Parents who pick their children up via auto at the end of the day should park on either side of Wall Street. Do not use the circular driveway between 3:00 and 4:00 PM. If you have an appointment with a staff member, enter the parking lot by the entrance closest to Washington Street.
May parents visit the school?
YES. Call the principal to schedule an appointment. On the day of the visit come to the office to sign in and obtain a visitor’s badge. Please remember if you have not already had your license scanned through Raptor to bring your license with you. Call the school office if you would like to be a SCHOOL VOLUNTEER. Many teachers appreciate being able to count on parents to tutor our youngsters, assist them at learning centers, or read to them.

How will I know if my child is doing alright in school?
If you have any concerns, we encourage you to contact your student's teacher. You are encouraged to review your child's progress online using our online grade system (Skyward). Regularly scheduled parent-teacher CONFERENCES are held twice a year in November and April. You may also make an appointment to meet with the teacher at any point in the school year. We encourage this!
What may my child bring to school?
Children are permitted to have small amounts of money for snacks and school store purchases etc. Snacks cost between 30 to 65 cents (exact change is preferred) and children may not make purchases for one another. Students may also use their Point of Sale Account to purchase snacks. Please refer to the Elementary Student and Parent Handbook for more information regarding the Point of Sale account.

Your child will be issued a set of headphones for his/her personal use with computers and other technology at school. Headphones must remain at school. Headphones, like textbooks, remain the property of the school  district. Except for normal wear and tear under normal use, you and your son/daughter are responsible for lost or damaged headphones. Replacement cost will be $5.00. 
Is it Ok for my child to distribute party invitations to classmates at school?
District Policy specifically states "No party invitations are to be given out in school". However, you are invited to join the Home & School Association, where your information will be shared in the Home & School Directory to which you can then refer when preparing to mail party invitations.

What is a cycle day?
Our daily schedule will be operating by way of a "6 DAY CYCLE," as opposed to the traditional Monday through Friday concept. By using a 6 Day Cycle we avoid missing special subjects (Art, Music, Physical Education, and Library) on days when school is not in session (snow days, vacation days etc.)  
Does the school have a nurse?
Yes, Tara Santangelo, R.N., Children should not be sent to the school with instructions to see the nurse for the treatment of injuries incurred at home or to have her diagnose whether the child is well enough to stay. Parents must make the decision whether or not to have their child attend school. Should a child become ill during the course of the school day, the nurse may recommend that he/she be taken home.  
Students bringing prescription and/or non-prescription medication to school for reasons of health must take the medication to the nurse, along with a note signed by the parent and doctor giving permission to administer the medication. Schedule the times around school hours if possible.
THE NURSE IS NOT AUTHORIZED TO ADMINISTER MEDICATION OF ANY KIND WITHOUT A WRITTEN ORDER FROM THE CHILD’S PERSONAL PHYSICIAN AND SIGNATURE OF PARENT OR GUARDIAN. Please refer to the medication policy which is listed under School Information/Health Services. All medications that are brought to school must be brought in the original prescription bottle/package.
Please note that emergency cards are sent home with children on the first day of school. These cards provide the school nurse with important information in the event emergency care needs to be administered. It is the responsibility of the parent(s) to provide the school with any change of information pertinent to the emergency card as soon as the change occurs. Parents are also responsible to list a contact person who will be able to pick up an ill child within a reasonable amount of time after being contacted.
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